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The emergence of new drugs for IBS-D has been slow and there is a need for new treatments, including drug-free treatments, which are easy to use and suitable for different patient groups. Currently available drug-free treatments include Enterosgel®, an intestinal adsorbent approved for use in IBS-D and acute diarrhoea and available over-the-counter in the UK and 30 countries worldwide.

Abstract Introduction Acute pancreatitis AP is an inflammatory disease with no specific treatment. Mitochondrial injury followed by ATP depletion in both acinar and ductal cells is a recently discovered early event in its pathogenesis.

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Importantly, preclinical research has shown that intracellular ATP delivery restores the physiological function of the cells and protects from cell injury, suggesting that restoration of energy levels in the pancreas is therapeutically beneficial.

Despite several high quality experimental observations in this area, no randomised trials have been conducted to date to address the requirements for energy intake in the early phase of AP. Energy will be delivered by nasoenteric tube feeding with additional intravenous glucose supplementation or total parenteral nutrition if necessary.

A combination of multiorgan failure for more than 48 hours and mortality is defined as the primary endpoint, whereas several secondary endpoints such as length of hospitalisation or pain will be determined to elucidate more detailed differences between the groups.

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The general feasibility, safety and quality checks required for high quality evidence will be adhered to. This study will provide evidence as to whether early high energy nutritional support is beneficial in the clinical management of AP.

The results of this trial will be published in an open access way and disseminated among medical doctors. Keywords: acute pancreatitis, energy administration, enteral feeding, randomized clinical trial Strengths and limitations of this study Strength 1: This is a randomised controlled two-arm double-blind multicentre trial which provides the first type A evidence concerning the necessity of early energy intake for patients with AP.

Limitation 2: The double-blind arrangement of the study requires many staff members working on the hypertension protocol primary care uk which may limit the number of joining centres.

Background Acute pancreatitis AP is an inflammatory disease of the exocrine pancreas which is life threatening in its severe form. Besides the limited interest of pharmacological companies, the main reasons are 1 the small number of research teams in the field and 2 the lack of collaboration between basic and clinical scientists.

Importantly, many new therapeutic targets were identified in the last mantek chia magas vérnyomás with clear translational merits.

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One of the best and most physiological way of delivering energy to a patient is enteral nutrition EN. Not surprisingly, besides fluid resuscitation this is almost the only way to significantly reduce mortality in AP. The recently published Dutch PYTHON study suggests that there is no difference between early and on-demand enteral tube feeding in SAP, but patients may have received an insufficient amount of energy at the early phase of the disease.

Immediate oral feeding, 38 nasojejunal feeding 39—41 and nasogastric feeding 42 43 have all been used.

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Notably, immediate oral feeding significantly decreased the length of hospital stay. The main objective of this trial is to determine whether early energy supplementation is beneficial to patients with AP.

Our hypothesis is that early energy supplementation will prevent the cells from death or decrease the size of necrosis if it occurs. This will decrease the systemic immune response that will result in a lower hypertension protocol primary care uk of multiorgan failure and mortality. To prove this concept, a randomised clinical trial involving all patients with AP is needed. Methods Design This is a randomised controlled two-arm double-blind multicentre trial.

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Patients with AP will be randomly assigned to groups A high energy administration starting within 24 hours of hospital admission and B no energy administration after 24 hours of hospital admission. HPSG was established in in order to stimulate research in pancreatic diseases. The members will be KM medical doctor, full time employee on the projectÁV gastroenterologist, internal medicine specialistZM intensive care specialistTM clinical research specialistAS multidisciplinary unit specialistMP gastroenterologist, internal medicine specialistNF radiologistDK surgeon and IB interventional radiologist.

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SC will make decisions concerning all relevant questions including the drop-outs during the study. Neither sponsors were involved in the design of the study, and they will have no access to the database management or to the randomisation code. After the consent form is signed, a computer using a block randomisation protocol will randomise the patients figure 1.

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